Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Impressed with Hackworth

I have mentioned here before that I have not been a fan of David Hackworth, but I may have to re-think my position on the man somewhat. Today, he does something I never thought he would do, admit error. He interviewed Wesley Clark for Maxim and he's impressed:

No doubt he’s made his share of enemies. He doesn’t suffer fools easily and wouldn’t have allowed the dilettantes who convinced Dubya to do Iraq to even cut the White House lawn. So he should prepare for a fair amount of dart-throwing from detractors he’s ripped into during the past three decades.

Hey, I am one of those: I took a swing at Clark during the Kosovo campaign when I thought he screwed up the operation, and I called him a “Perfumed Prince.” Only years later did I discover from his book and other research that I was wrong – the blame should have been worn by British timidity and William Cohen, U.S. SecDef at the time. (Link via Daily Kos.)

I owe Hackworth another look.


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