Monday, September 22, 2003

The neighborhood

What's happening:

Mary at Naked Furniture welcomes a new, Democrat-friendly green group and then catches me coming to her site.

Jesse at Pandagon says that Tony Snow needs a new ruler.

Blah3 brings us yet another quote that Dick Cheney may regret.

Julia at Sisyphus Shrugged brings us a rundown of Judith Miller's journalistic atrocities. Go read it. (And, while you're there, drop her a nice note. She really needs a hug today.)

UggaBugga catches Andrew Sullivan saying that Bush lied to us because the UN made him do it.

The Farmer tells a little tale over at Corrente about a man, a plan and a fabricated James Madison quote.

Kos says that the AP remembers a different speech than he does.

There's no specific post that I'd like you to read over at Suburban Guerilla today (and I think Susan's a little hard on Clark with scant reason). I just like the picture at the top of the page. Is that so wrong?

Jo Fish, Democratic Veteran, suggests that we might actually see very little drop in military enlistment in the next few years, but the quality of our forces could suffer.

Atrios shows us the inner workings of the Republican mind. Their mantra: I only care about my own safety.

Hesiod found some more evil, French-loving America-haters: The Iraqi Governing Council!


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