Wednesday, September 03, 2003

O'Reilly's lying becoming pathological

Last night, O'Reilly attacked Janet Maslin's article about the brouhaha between him and Franken.

The latest garbage courtesy of Ms. Maslin is a recycling of the bogus charges that impugn my integrity. Writes Maslin, "Mr. Frankin makes a bulls-eye out of Mr. O'Reilly… he shows how Mr. O'Reilly's erroneous claim that he won a Peabody Award evolved into even bigger fibs once it was challenged."

Maslin must know by now that I never said I won a Peabody Award. Transcripts prove that and the defamatory charge has been refuted time and time again. I simply defended my previous program, Inside Edition, by saying it won a Peabody. But I made a mistake. The program actually won a Polk Award. I corrected the record on March 2, 2001 and March 8, 2001 -- two and a half years ago. Yet Maslin spreads the lie once again as well as hooting that I am a registered Republican -- something terrible to her -- when the truth is that I changed my voting registration to Independent years ago.

Doesn't he know that this is all out there to be found? Doesn't he realize what an ass he's making of himself?

Sure, I don't know that he ever said "I won a Peabody Award," but he definitely said "We won Peabody Awards. . . . We won Peabody awards. . . . A program that wins a Peabody Award, the highest award in journalism, and you're going to denigrate it?" He said that, in fact, on May 19, 2000 on his own show.* Now, being the stickler he is, he must know that "I" is included in "we." To suggest otherwise would be spin.

As for his voting status, O'Reilly did change his voter registration status to independent years ago, but it was years after he came on the air stating he was an independent. Then, as Franken points out, O'Reilly claimed that there was no place to label himself an independent on his voter registration card, but only places for Democrat and Republican. Franken reprints the card, which clearly shows a block for those who want to choose neither party.

He's a liar and, as Nitpicker has shown, a coward who deserves only our ridicule.

* I wanted to verify this independently of FAIR, and should have been able to, but a funny thing happened. I have access to a system called EBSCOHost, a poor man's L/N, which holds the complete transcripts of Fox News programs. By some odd coincidence, O'Reilly's May 19, 2000, program is missing from that file. I wonder why?

Update: Jesse seems pissed.


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