Friday, September 19, 2003

Still not getting it

So Bush goes on television, takes a little "time to keep you informed of America's actions in the war on terror" and America decides, finally, that he's full of it. His poll numbers continue to drop.

Republicans are in a tizzy and Nitpicker wondered what they think the problem is. Are Republicans asking themselves if Americans losing faith in the competence of the Bush administration to actually achieve a lasting democracy in Iraq? Are Republicans asking themselves if they should tone down their "with us or against us" rhetoric? Are they wondering if they should just come clean and lay all the cards on the table about what they really knew and when they really knew it?


They're blaming aesthetics:

But there was widespread agreement among these Republicans that the speech did little if anything to help steady his standing, which had been hurt by a stream of bad news from Iraq and disclosures about the administration's handling of prewar intelligence.

Several of these Republicans complained about the decision to have Bush stand and read from a TelePrompTer instead of showing him seated and speaking more conversationally.

"Can you find anybody on Capitol Hill who thinks, 'Boy, that really gave us momentum?' " one presidential adviser asked. "The setting was a failure. The linguistics were bad. The language was off. It wasn't typical Bush language, and he should have been in front of a group. He isn't at his best discussing the appropriations process."

It's good to know that they're really trying to focus on the important things, huh? Now were could we get him some style and setting tips?

Apply Now to be on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy!

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If you live in the greater New York City area and have a big event coming up where you want to reveal a "new and improved" you to your wife, girlfriend, family, friends or co-workers, download and complete our preliminary candidate questionnaire and email it with a recent digital photo to

Well, I'm sure they'd make a Washington trip for the president, right? And pretty soon he's going to want to reveal a "new and improved" George to America or he'll have to go back to getting money from his dad's friends.

Well he does have something coming up in New York in 12 months. Maybe that will count. Unfortunately, Question 13 on the candidate questionnaire asks whether the candidate has "ever appeared on TV before or taken part in another reality show," leading me to believe they want fresh faces.

On the other hand, I don't know if a lot of this stuff would qualify as a "reality" show.

P.S. Also, is it really too much to ask to want a president who can explain pretty much everything his administration's doing? I mean, he doesn't have to come up with answers off the top of his head or anything, but can't a guy be "at his best" about any topic when he's reading from a script?


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