Friday, September 12, 2003

Truth on the Corner

Funny, but you really have to give the people over at The Corner some credit for the honesty they've been showing for the past couple of days. Things I've learned over there lately:

  1. Conservatives like Fox News because it's bad journalism. "Side note: you gotta love Fox News. They introduced a report a few minutes ago about the man's death by saying, "Johnny Cash has made his way to heaven." That's not journalism, but it's good, and it's why so many of us in red America like Fox."

  2. Jonah Goldberg thinks the free market is unfair. "That Adam Sandler makes so much money is almost a pure market function. He is a meat prop. If millions of people wanted to look at a lamp or a dog the owner of said lamp or dog could charge huge sums of money to Hollywood studies to put these objects on display on the big screen. Sandler's talent or lack thereof is meaningless (though I have liked a couple Sandler movies), the market supports what he makes. Sure it's unfair that Sandler makes so much money, but it's not unfair that investors have the opportunity to place their bets on him." (Italics Nitpicker's)

  3. Somewhere, there are good reasons for sweatshops and child labor. "I'm willing to defend income inequality, sweat shops, child labor, tax cuts and the like, if the merits are there. I'd privatize everything but the army and maybe four other things if I had my way. In other words, I'm no softy on these issues."

  4. The (unfair) market is rejecting conservative viewpoints. "THOUSANDS HAVE NOT SIGNED UP [Kathryn Jean Lopez] If you don't sign up for NR Digital, Derb will come after you."

  5. Even conservatives think that Fox News goes overboard with its 9/11 coverage. "FNC just did a clip montage that statrted with WTC and ended with Saddam's statue down in Baghdad and W. flying onto the Lincoln. A little creepy how pcture-perfect [sic] happy-endingish they can make it all look."

  6. It takes forever for conservatives to be struck by the obvious. "If I write for NRD, does that make me a NeRD? If you read NRD, does that make you a NeRD?" (Honest answer: Not necessarily, but it helps.)

  7. Nothing could have kept conservatives from wanting to attack Iraq. "I didn't mean to imply in my piece that Bush has abandoned the WMD argument entirely. It was one of the reasons for invading Iraq, and rightly so. It was Saddam's obligation to demonstrate that he didn't a WMD capability [sic] --he didn't do that. In fact, to my mind, there was no way to guarantee that Saddam didn't have a WMD capability short of denying him the apparatus of a modern state--which we have now done."

  8. Conservatives can't do math. "(W)e haven't lost an American serviceman in Iraq for 7 days. I don't want to jinx anything, but it's worth noting how buried this fact has been when the "One American life per day" storyline was constant not too long ago. " (As of today, we have lost an average 1.3 American lives a day since May 1st.)

Wow. Such honesty from conservatives is downright bracing.


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