Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Well, I guess you can't expect this guy to recognize popularity when he sees it

(The virgin) Ben Shapiro has some lessons he'd like us to learn about Sept. 11. The real lesson he teaches us is don't let idiots write political columns, but here's the funniest bit:

2. It's not the economy, stupid. Why is George W. Bush hovering around 54 percent in popularity polls? After all, the economy hasn't exactly skyrocketed from the ashes of its mid-recession doldrums. Simply put, the economy is not the issue Democrats would like it to be.

Man, that is funny shit. Bush "hovering around 54 percent" is good news for Republicans? That's what a "popular president" pulls in approval polls? I think not, Gentle Ben. Clinton pulled 73 percent after being impeached! That's popular, baby.

Update: The Wall Street Journal says Ben is full of shit, too:

Long gone are surveys from 2001 in which majorities cite terrorism as the key issue of the day. The latest polls show that, by a two-to-one margin, voters identify the economy as a more important problem for the federal government to address, while the weight they lend to issues like prescription drugs and health care has returned to pre-September 2001 levels as well.

It is the economy. You're stupid.


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