Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Whoa, Tom!

I'm going to need you to calm down now. You're frothing up your moustache and I can't really understand your point. Try again.

You're saying that the war that you advocated -- despite the arguments of several allies who hold vetoes on the UN Security Council and the the fact that most Americans wanted us to wait for their approval -- was actually France's fault, because they wouldn't say that it was OK if we did go to war?

And you're saying that, even though we said we wanted to hand the country over quickly to the Iraqis and our refusal to follow through is pissing off the Iraqi rank and file, France should want to jump in and bail us out even if we continue to keep the country's reins to ourselves?

And you're suggesting, even though "America will not be as effective or legitimate in its efforts to rebuild Iraq without French help," that it's a good idea to write columns in our nation's premier newspaper that calls them Saddam-loving obstructionists with whom we're "at war"? In other words, you're saying it's a good idea to yell, "Come help us, you assholes!" Am I getting this right?

( ... )

You're going to have to start again from the top.

(Friedman link via Atrios.)


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