Thursday, October 02, 2003

Apparently, Santorum's one of those "Pentecostal Catholics"

Nitpicker, who is a Catholic convert, would like to know what the hell Rick Santorum is talking about here:

Charges of an anti-Catholic bias have resurfaced over district court nominee J. Leon Holmes, but this time they are leveled against centrist Republicans rather than at Democrats.

Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) is angry with members of his own caucus who object to writings by Holmes, a devout Catholic, about women and marriage...

Holmes, a lawyer and the former president of Arkansas Right to Life, wrote that the duty of the wife is “to subordinate herself to her husband.” Also, he has compared abortion to slavery and maintains that rape victims seldom become pregnant.

OK, the "rape victims seldom become pregnant" thing is just stupid, but I give that the man has the right to compare abortion to whatever he wants. But for Rick Santorum, a supposedly devout Catholic to suggest by implication that it's Catholic doctrine for women to "subordinate" themselves to the will of any man and just hang around fulfilling male needs is frigging ridiculous.

Has he never heard of St. Jeanne D'Arc? Or Agatha Hildegard -- who put up with her husband's abuse, but is known a model wife by the church because she changed him, which seems piss poor subordination? Or how about the 7 or 8 other Agathas? Or Saint Fabiola, patron saint of difficult marriages, who (gasp!) divorced her husband because he abused her. Or, gosh, you could go all the way back to Sarah, who, despite Abraham's wishes, had Ishmael and his mother kicked to the curb! (She also snickered at God and then lied about it, making her one of the most human characters you'll ever meet in the Bible.) The Bible and church history are filled with strong-willed women who weren't really the "subordinate" type.

Before Santorum starts ranting again and suggesting that questioning someone's kooky and historically unsupported views is anti-Catholic, I suggest he make a little prayer for help from Christina the Astonishing, who is, among other things, a patron saint of the mentally ill.


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