Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Arnold, Schmarnold

I don't really care. I said a long time ago that California could do worse than a socially liberal Republican and, frankly, if there are any "messages" to be taken from this travesty (which were being vainly sought by pundits last night and this morning), they are positive ones for Democrats.

  1. People are ticked about the economy. It's true. For the past six months the Republican argument has been mainly that "Under Gray Davis, California went from a surplus to a record $38 Billion deficit - more than the deficits of all other states combined." All true, but, if we force pundits to face their own words, this could be our battle cry next November. It'll sell.

  2. Phony "character" debates are over. Again, it should be pointed out that Clinton cheated on his wife with a willing participant, whereas Arnold, it appears, committed sexual assault on numerous occassions. Odd thing is, no one cares. I would like for someone to care about sexual assault, I really would, but it seems to me that Republicans, by electing such poorly qualified goobs over the past few years have taken the "character" issue off the table. How could Hannity smear our candidates after fighting for Arnold so vehemently? Did you notice that drugs and failing to perform military service were swept under the rug in the 2002 election, when the poster boy for both was elected President?

    This is not to say that I think Dems have a lower moral character, but only that those who would attempt to smear our candidates with trumped up bullshit will have to think twice now.

  3. People want a hero. Even if he only plays one in the movies. I think this bodes well for Wesley Clark and badly for "Off to Offut" Bush.

  4. Being pissed off doesn't hurt anything. We've known this for some time, of course, but Arnold's election is a very good illustration. Those who've been saying that the "angry" Howard Dean is unelectable because of that anger are deluding themselves. Arnold ran the angriest campaign I've seen in years and people ate it up. "Puke politics?" I got your positive message right here, pal.

These are only a few of the major positive developments I see coming out of the election, but I could be wrong. Feel free to argue with me in comments.

Flashback: I just wanted to remind you of how full of shit Matt Drudge is.

Update: Tom Spencer believes that the numbers, being greatly exaggerated, show no actual trends here. However, Nancy Pelosi says I'm right.


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