Thursday, October 02, 2003


Never ones to address actual problems, the Bushies have instead decided on a plan to deal with Joseph Wilson:

The White House encouraged Republicans to portray the former diplomat at the center of the case, Joseph C. Wilson IV, as a partisan Democrat with an agenda and the Democratic Party as scandalmongering. At the same time, the administration and the Republican leadership on Capitol Hill worked to ensure that no Republicans in Congress break ranks and call for an independent inquiry outside the direct control of the Justice Department.

"It's slime and defend," said one Republican aide on Capitol Hill, describing the White House's effort to raise questions about Mr. Wilson's motivations and its simultaneous effort to shore up support in the Republican ranks. (Link via Atrios.)

Luckily for the White House, Reverend Moon's Masters of Misrepresentation and Purveyors of Prevarication are on the case, saying exactly what the White House wants:

Mr. Wilson told The Washington Post he and his wife are already discussing who will play them in a movie.
He contributed to Al Gore's 2000 presidential campaign and is aiding Democratic candidates. Yesterday, Mr. Wilson, a lover of the limelight, was to brief the House Democratic Caucus. But Democrats called off the session for fear they would make the investigation a partisan affair, which Republicans say it already is.

"My political leanings are left of center," Mr. Wilson said on C-SPAN this week.

A person in Mr. Wilson's office yesterday told a reporter that he was in the midst of a press interview, that his voice mail was full, so "call back later."

Mr. Wilson now works at the Middle East Institute as a scholar and frequent Bush critic. He also runs JC Wilson International Ventures. A Senate Republican staffer jokes that he is already on the short list for secretary of state, no matter who the Democratic nominee is.

First, read that crappy prose again. It's a list in paragraph form -- all points and no transitions. Pitiful. Master Gunny Hobbs would've had my ass for writing like that.

Second, though, The Washington Times must think its readers are complete idiots. Yes, Wilson said his wife and he were discussing "who will play them in a movie," but that's just an obvious fucking joke. Then the writer goes on to report a joke by a "Senate Republican staffer" as if it has any place in a story which, at its core, is about the rule of law and the damaging of our national security for partisan political ends.

As unserious and embarrassing as this administration is, their subsidiary conservative hacks are ten times worse.


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