Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Get thee to a thesaurus!

First, a definition (from Merriam-Webster OnLine):

Main Entry: ker·fuf·fle
Pronunciation: k&r-'f&-f&l
Function: noun
Etymology: alteration of carfuffle, from Scots car- (probably from Scottish Gaelic cearr wrong, awkward) + fuffle to become disheveled
Date: 1946
chiefly British : DISTURBANCE, FUSS

On the other hand, it seems to be the way that the kids over at the Wall Street Journal's OpinionJournal say "Quit looking at that!" or "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!":

Ideology and jealousy are behind the kerfuffle over a Fox News exec's letter to the president... Our own policy is to give advice to politicians every day in these columns. But let's all be candid and admit that this Ailes kerfuffle has nothing to do with ethics. - "What Ailes the Press?" - November 22, 2002, OpinionJournal

Tune in tonight as The Wall Street Journal editorial board discusses the stock-market rally, the conflicts with Iraq and North Korea, the Roger Ailes kerfuffle, Democrats' reaction to their recent defeats and revelations about JFK's ill health. - "Democratic Pains," November 22, 2002, OpinionJournal

There's a kerfuffle at the U.N. over Saddam Hussein's 12,000-page weapons report. U.S. officials demanded, and the weapons inspectors agreed, that America be able to see the unexpurgated report. - "Syria isn't Second-Class," December 11, 2002, OpinionJournal

"Reporting" on the NATO kerfuffle, Reuters offers this gem: "The three NATO rebels, trying to slow the rush to war, say moves to defend Turkey would signal that a conflict had begun." - "Reuterville Rush Hour," February 11, 2003, OpinionJournal

Meanwhile, the Associated Press reports on the kerfuffle over Michael Savage's new MSNBC show. "Advocacy groups, led by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, have launched a letter-writing campaign to keep Savage off the air." - "Savage Inequalities," March 6, 2003, OpinionJournal

"The Santorum Kerfuffle," April 23, 2003, OpinionJournal

Salon reports that Lara Jakes Jordan, the Associated Press reporter whose interview with Sen. Rick Santorum set off a kerfuffle about gay rights and sodomy statutes, "is the relatively new bride of Jim Jordan, the presidential campaign manager for Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass." - "All In the Family," April 24, 2003, OpinionJournal

In National Review Online, Stanley Kurtz argues that last week's Santorum kerfuffle was but a preview of a "titanic national struggle" over same-sex marriage... - "Look For the Union Label," April 29, 2003, OpinionJournal

In 2000 Rendell, as chairman of the Democratic National Committee, was a prime Gore defender during the re-re-recount kerfuffle. - "Eat Your Heart Out, Al Gore," May 22, 2003, OpinionJournal

"The Iraqi Weapons Kerfuffle," June 12, 2003, OpinionJournal

No one has alleged that anyone has committed any crime with regard to the State of the Union kerfuffle, and indeed if making debatable statements in political speeches were against the law, it's hard to think of any politician who would escape impeachment or prosecution. - "A Confederacy of Dunces," July 16, 2003, OpinionJournal

Meanwhile, the Washington Post reports from Baghdad on something far more important than the Niger kerfuffle... - "The Left's Tortured Logic," July 21, 2003, OpinionJournal

Clinton phoned in to CNN's "Larry King Live" last night, during a program honoring Bob Dole on his 80th birthday, and he offered some comments on the recent kerfuffle over uranium and the State of the Union address. - "A Cheer for Clinton," July 23, 2003, OpinionJournal

Remember that kerfuffle a few weeks back over a sentence in President Bush's State of the Union that some administration foes decided to dispute six months after the fact? Neither do we, but a reporter asked the president about it at a press conference yesterday... - "Blast from the Past I," July 31, 2003, OpinionJournal

The recent kerfuffle over "unconventional" monetary-policy measures, second, is an old story. - "The Economy: Do No Harm," August 11, 2003, OpinionJournal

In Texas, meanwhile, the kerfuffle over redistricting goes on, with Democratic state lawmakers taking refuge in New Mexico to avoid a quorum that would allow the passage of a bill under which a Republican gerrymander would replace the existing Democratic one. - "Don't Mess with Texas?" August 12, 2003, OpinionJournal

Why risk creating the Bush White House's first-ever scandal over the yellowcake kerfuffle, an issue that no one cared about outside the Beltway and the Bush-hating left? It doesn't sound like something Karl Rove would do. - "The Plame Facts," September 29, 2003, OpinionJournal

"Political Intelligence: The agenda behind the kerfuffle over Joe Wilson's wife," October 1, 2003, OpinionJournal

I think we've found a "tell." Anytime James Taranto or one of his buddies writes that something is a "kerfuffle" it means that they're really down on their knees praying, "Please, God, make them pay attention to something else. Please please please..."


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