Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Holy Merde

Even George Will -- the only man who can tie a perfect bow tie without removing his head from his ass -- gets it: This administration's integrity problems are damaging our national security.

This president or a successor is likely to have to ask the country to run grave risks in response to intelligence from what the government will call "solid sources." So, unless the public is convinced that the government is learning from this war -- learning how to know what it does not know -- the war may have made the public less persuadable and the nation perhaps less safe.

Americans know that government, whether disbursing money or gathering intelligence, is not an instrument of precision. Hence they want the government to have the confidence -- in itself, and the public -- to say, as John Book did, that it was wrong.

Now, call me kooky (and obsessed), but maybe Mr. Will might finally see his way clear to do the same?


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