Wednesday, October 01, 2003

I'm sorry, Ambassador Bremer, could you repeat everything after "$87 billion..."?

Local embarrassment Sam Brownback gets caught not paying attention while Paul Bremer explains where the $87 billion for Iraq are going.

A picture is worth a lot of headaches, as Sen . Sam Brownback (R- Kan.) has discovered. Seems Roll Call photographer Tom Williams snapped a picture of the senator signing pictures of himself during a Sept. 22 hearing in which Iraq viceroy L. Paul Bremer was testifying about that $87 billion spending request.

The picture appeared in Roll Call the next day -- no big deal, because few Kansas voters subscribe.

But it was picked up in the Wichita Eagle. The paper ran the photo and a story about it on Sept. 24, noting that "gleeful Democrats" were sending it around the Hill and that Brownback's office "had spent the day dealing with the fallout."

Click on the link to read the Wichita Eagle's "Seuss-atorial" about "Sam-I-Am."


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