Wednesday, October 22, 2003

A note to the military industrial complex

Fellas, I have to say that I think a lot of us would feel safer if you just stopped building crazy shit to make us feel safer?

The United States has been developing what could become a new concept in destroying enemy ballistic missiles in their boost phase.

The concept calls for stationing a huge blimp out of enemy aircraft or missile range that would detect preparations for and launch of any enemy ballistic missile. The blimp would then relay the information to fighter jets that would shoot down the enemy launcher or missile.

The project has been sponsored by the Defense Department's Missile Defense Agency. The agency has awarded Lockheed Martin a $40 million design and risk reduction contract to advance a project to develop and demonstrate a prototype of a high-altitude airship that could remain in the air for one month.

Lockheed Martin executives said the airship would be 500 feet long, 160 feet in diameter and have a volume of 5.2 million cubic feet. This would be about 25 times larger than the blimps seen at athletic events.

Oh, the humanity! How can we really be paying $40 million dollars for someone to design us a balloon? And where on earth is "out of enemy range"? Really. I want to know. 'Cause if, say, an enemy aircraft gets close to this thing, how is a 500 foot long blimp going to get the hell out of the way? This is going to keep us from getting blasted by nuclear weapons?

Does anyone know where John Poindexter's working now? This sounds like one of his crackpot schemes.


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