Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Afghanistan Aid Workers Cry For Help
[from Asia Times by Jim Lobe]
WASHINGTON - Aid workers are increasingly being targeted in the ongoing "war on terrorism" between United States-led forces and Islamic radicals, as the killing of a United Nations refugee worker Sunday in Afghanistan demonstrates.

Bettina Goislard, a French citizen, was gunned down while riding in a car of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in the provincial city of Ghazni, located about 70 miles south of Kabul along the highway to Kandahar, when two men on a motorcycle opened fire on the vehicle, killing her and injuring her driver.

The attackers were arrested, and Afghan authorities identified them as supporters of the Taliban, who have re-established a presence in much of the southeastern part of the country, close to the border with Pakistan.
Wait a minute … Afghanistan? The Taliban? Weren't those Missions Accomplished?

Read the remainder of the article here.


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