Thursday, November 13, 2003

Bush says he welcomes protests in London
"I don't expect everybody in the world to agree with the positions I've taken."

Everybody? I still cannot believe the arrogance of this buffoon.
(AP) Washington:
Demonstrations against the Iraq war drew hundreds of thousands of people to central London earlier this year, and the Stop the War coalition said it hopes 60,000 people will join an anti-Bush march through the city on Nov. 20.
Sure he welcomes protestors but he'd prefer they stay in an exclusion zone.
Organisers of the various protests planned for Mr Bush's three-day visit are now in negotiations with police, after reports that a march down Whitehall to Parliament Square would be banned at the insistence of the White House.
Bush embarks on what Claire Cozens ( Television) describes as a British PR Blitz with interviews that will likely be sympathetic to his cause.
George Bush has embarked on a charm offensive ahead of his controversial visit to London, lining up interviews with the BBC's David Frost and the new Daily Telegraph editor Martin Newland.

Mr Bush will meet Frost this week for an interview to be shown on Sunday, ahead of his arrival next Tuesday.

Newland has also flown out to Washington to meet Mr Bush for the Telegraph, one of Britain's most pro-war newspapers, although it is not known whether the paper will carry a full set-piece interview with the US president.

The two interviews are likely to have been chosen carefully. Frost is not known for his confrontational style of interviewing, and the Telegraph is instinctively more pro-American than some of its rivals.
It's good to know he welcomes those that don't agree with him.


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