Thursday, November 13, 2003

Colin Powell is Just Being a Good Little Subordinate

Powell stated in a Washington Post interview "I think any good subordinate lies on behalf of accommodates himself to the wishes of his superior and, in effect, you determine how to best serve that individual". Yet, he suggests he would
Never resign on policy, however much he might disagree with President George W. Bush.
Why would we think Secretary Powell would resign over a small matter of policy disagreement when he obviously has little trouble lying to the UN on behalf of The Administration?

In Secretary Powell's Remarks to UN Security Council on March 7, 2003 regarding WMDs:
We meet today, it seems to me, with one question, and one very, very important question before us: Has the Iraqi regime made the fundamental strategic and political decision to comply with the United Nations Security Council resolutions and to rid itself of all of its weapons of mass destruction, all of the infrastructure for the development of weapons of mass destruction? It's a question of intent on the part of the Iraqi leadership.
(my emphasis)

Although we know now, it was never about WMDs. {sarcasm}
The intent of the Iraqi regime to keep from turning over all of its weapons of mass destruction seems to me has not changed, and not to cooperate with the international community in the manner intended by 1441.
Maybe the Iraqis' couldn't find them either

Two years before his comments to the Security Council, he made these remarks in NY with Foreign Minister of Egypt Amre Moussa (February 24, 2001):
We had a good discussion, the Foreign Minister and I and the President and I, had a good discussion about the nature of the sanctions -- the fact that the sanctions exist -- not for the purpose of hurting the Iraqi people, but for the purpose of keeping in check Saddam Hussein's ambitions toward developing weapons of mass destruction. We should constantly be reviewing our policies, constantly be looking at those sanctions to make sure that they are directed toward that purpose. That purpose is every bit as important now as it was ten years ago when we began it. And frankly they have worked. He has not developed any significant capability with respect to weapons of mass destruction. He is unable to project conventional power against his neighbors. So in effect, our policies have strengthened the security of the neighbors of Iraq, and these are policies that we are going to keep in place, but we are always willing to review them to make sure that they are being carried out in a way that does not affect the Iraqi people but does affect the Iraqi regime's ambitions and the ability to acquire weapons of mass destruction, and we had a good conversation on this issue.
So, I guess Saddam must have been really busy with WMDs from February 2001 to March 20003; you think we'd have some evidence of that.


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