Saturday, November 29, 2003

EXTRA EXTRA Fox News IS Fair and Balanced for Once

Fox reports (via AP) that while an army division commanded by General Wesley Clark supplied some of the military equipment used in the standoff in Waco, Texas a decade ago, Clark's involvement was indirect and fleeting according to his former commanding officer.
Clark's campaign flatly denies any planning role by Clark in Waco. And an investigation by a Justice Department special counsel, former U.S. Sen. John Danforth (search), R-Mo., bears out that assertion. Danforth found no improper actions by anyone in the U.S. military regarding Waco and concluded that the fiery end to the siege resulted from the Davidians setting fires inside the building compound where they were holed up.

Federal law restricts the role of the military in civilian law enforcement operations and "we weren't involved in the planning or execution of the Waco operation in any way, shape, form or fashion," says retired Army Lt. Gen. Horace Grady "Pete" Taylor, who ran the Fort Hood (search) military base 60 miles from the site of the Waco siege.

Waco "was a civilian operation that the military provided some support to" and "any decisions about where the support came from were my decisions, not General Clark's," Taylor said this week.

"Clark's totally innocent in this regardless of what anybody thinks about him," says Taylor, Clark's former commander. "He played no direct role in this activity nor did any of us."
This is what General Wes Clark and his campaign staff have maintained all along. This is sweet coming from the same source that tried to (unsuccessfully) twist the General's stand that Iraq has been a side show that has distracted from the war on terrorism into a slight of the men and women fighting in Iraq.


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