Saturday, November 22, 2003

Game Over?: Iraq and the Administration's Failed Corporate Paradigm

Admittedly, there isn't much new here but you have to like a guy that uses phrases like sclerotic corridors of bureacracy as does Orville Schell in No Exit Strategy? a well-written examination of the corporate mindset that resulted in the current state of affairs in the "latest offshore enterprise in Iraq."
A poorly thought-through war justified by a kaleidoscope of changing explanations and fought in a place we know little about is hardly different from a badly executed merger or corporate acquisition where both companies, ill-wed, are badly damaged. The difference is that such damage to countries affects so many more people.
Like many of us, Mr. Schell fears that although failure forced the administration to consider alternative excuses stategies (such as the early "gift" of sovereignty to Iraqis), any hopeful options may have vanquished.

In keeping with his corporate analogy, he thinks this "administration risks suffering a version of collapse that may one day look not so different from that of Enron, WorldCom or Tyco."

Where do I get tickets?


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