Sunday, November 30, 2003

More Attacks but Better Outcome as U.S Repels Simultaneous Attacks in Iraq

U.S. troops repelled simultaneous attacks in the northern city of Samarra, killing 46 Iraqis, wounding at least 18 and capturing 8. Five American soldiers and a civilian were wounded.
Two U.S. logistical convoys were moving into Samarra when they were attacked with roadside bombs, small arms fire, mortars and rocket-propelled grenades. The attacks — one on the east side of the city, the other on the west — were simultaneous, MacDonald said.

After setting up a barricade along the route of one of the convoys, the attackers opened fire from rooftops and alleyways, MacDonald said.

He said U.S. soldiers returned fire from several locations at each ambush, using small arms, 120mm tank rounds and 25mm canon fire from Bradley fighting vehicles. The U.S. fire destroyed three buildings the attackers were using, he said.

None of the wounded Americans suffered life-threatening injuries, MacDonald said. Two sustained only minor injuries, while the other three were evacuated to a hospital, along with the wounded civilian.


"We have been very aggressive in our convoy operations to ensure the maximum force protection is with each convoy," he said. "But it does send a clear message that if you attempt to attack one of our convoys, we're going to use our firepower to stop that attack."

In a separate attack about an hour later, another convoy of U.S. military engineers was attacked by four men with automatic rifles. The soldiers returned fire, wounding all four men, MacDonald said. He said soldiers found Kalashnikov rifles and grenade launchers in their car, a black BMW.
Excellent job done by the convoys of the 4th Infantry and Military Engineers in mitigating these attacks.


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