Friday, November 07, 2003

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Now from the George Bush, Miserable Failure, Front ...

Six more, from the 101st Airborne Air Assault Division, were killed when a Black Hawk was shot down near Tikrit. Another soldier was killed and six were wounded in Mosul after another rocket-propelled grenade attack. That's 382 and counting since the search for WMDs and the effort to spread democracy commenced in Iraq on March 19, 2003.

Meanwhile, from the Nine in Line ...

Dean decides that Dubya's idea of campaign financing isn't such a bad idea after all.

In a July 30th press conference, Dubya chortles, "Just Watch" when asked by a reporter, Michael Allen, " ... with no opponent, how can you spend $170 million or more on your primary campaign?" We expect that Dubya would miss the implied justifyi n this question but, presumably, Dean is opposed to such tactics used in the purchasing of an election. But that was then as Newsweek's Howard Fineman writes...

Last spring, Dean pledged to accept public financing, and he said he'd make an issue of it if any of his rivals opted out. "I think most Democrats believe in campaign finance reform," he said. But not, as it turns out, Howard Dean.

Someone should tell him that was the hippocratic, not the hypocritic, oath.

Ya Gotta Love It

It's one thing for Dubya to think that an open forum is one in which people can come and listen to what he has to say but now the White House is putting Limits on Queries From Democrats.

This is evidently the result of their irritation with "pesky" questions posed by congressional Democrats on how much was spent on the Mission Accomplished banner (you know, the one from crew members of the USS Abraham Lincoln). The e-mail notification from Timothy Campen of the WH Office of Administration asked that all requests be coordinated through committee members (spelled R-e-p-u-b-l-i-c-a-n-s). A WH spokesperson, Ashley Snee, is quoted as saying, "There have been staff-level discussions about ways to better coordinate requests from Congress (I bet), it was not the intent to suggest minority members should not ask questions without the consent of the majority." Of course not, the Democrats might be in the majority again at some point (soon, please). However, substitute Democratic for minority and Republican for majority and that's an entirely different matter.

As an aside, many wish the Democrats had been a tad more forceful with their pesky questions since January 2001. Unfortunately, they've been about as assertive as Dubya's advance staff has been ingenious.

Kiernan at Crooked Timber rightly states that "no one can be told what the Meatrix is. So, see for yourself and get a free vegetarian starter kit while you're there.

Roe v Who?

Do you think these guys would still be smiling if women made decisions regarding their reproductive rights?


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