Sunday, November 23, 2003

Spam unlimited

As Congress moves to impose limits on unwanted commercial e-mails through the establishment of federal protections, I just have one question ...

Can they do something about the 15 pounds of junk mail that gets delivered to me by the US Postal service each week?

In reality, the spam issue is more a concern for internet service providers and e-mail server operations than it is for any individual. Since I have an e-mail program in which I can set efficient 'rules' for screening, I am blissfully ignorant of the volume of ads for larger anatomical parts, life-enhancing drugs and advice on how to make my millions on the internet. However, the volume of ads, credit card applications and promotional materials I receive in the mail is another matter. It is unlikely that Congress will step in here, however, as the bulk of standard mail delivery is exactly that, bulk mail. So ...

I advocate a ban on unsolicited bulk mail and the outlawing of coupons [as well as those ridiculous 'preferred' cards of Albertsons' that reduce the price of a few select items to what you'd normally find at other grocery stores], they're bad for both the environment and my disposition.


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