Thursday, December 11, 2003

Bush, the miserable failure, Defends Policy on Awarding Contracts to Rebuild Iraq

WASHINGTON, Dec. 11 — President Bush defended his policy on Iraq's reconstruction today, even though it puts him in the awkward position of asking France, Germany and Russia to forgive Iraq's debts despite being excluded from $18 billion in rebuilding projects.

Hey boys, it's all about sacrifice; yours, the Iraqis, the 'coalition' forces, the American citizens - you're all in the same boat. Well, really it's about you being with my administration, and well, none of you were, so f*** ya' all. Oh, by the way, since you're getting screwed anyway, how 'bout forgetting the debt Iraq owes you, okay? Now that would be a step in the right direction in showing your support for our little regime here - see what I mean?

"Men and women from our country proudly wear a uniform, risk their life, to free Iraq," Mr. Bush said. "Men and women from other countries, in a broad coalition, risk their lives to free Iraq. And the expenditure of U.S. dollars will reflect the fact that U.S. troops and others risk their life."
Okay, just so we're clear on the logic here: 1) men and women from our country are risking theirs lives so the Halliburton CEOs get a nice Christmas bonus, and 2) the expenditures reflect exactly what? If I'm not mistaken there are companies from countries who have provided troops that are not part of the 'lucky 63' and visa-versa.
Mr. Bush, in a brief exchange with reporters at his last Cabinet meeting of the year, tried to put the best face on an uncomfortable situation, declaring that "we want to work with all countries" toward a free and peaceful Iraq.
We really want to work with the Frogs, Krauts and Commies but you know they just won't play along. All we're trying to do is ensure freedom and independence of everyone, well, unless of course you're in Taiwan but you know that's um a different uh agenda. Anyway, let's talk.


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