Thursday, December 18, 2003

Demagogue v. Instigator

Oh man. This should be fun.

It seems that the Lying Liar is at it again. He's been trying to convince people that his book is outselling Franken's books "all over the place" and is poised to overtake Hillary's book.

"The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day"

We had yet another ridiculous snowstorm yesterday [and over the weekend] here in New York. Whenever that happens, chaos ensues, children are frightened, adults wail and gnash their teeth.

In the midst of it all, about 600 people turned out to see me at Costco on Long Island. I was signing copies of Who's Looking Out for You? These folks obviously were looking out for me as well as being real troopers.

While I was signing it, a Costco manager handed me a sheet of paper with sales figures. As you know, we are in a fight with Hillary Clinton for bestselling non-fiction book of the year. Since September, in Costcos across the country, Who's Looking Out for You? has sold 96,000. Hillary's book has sold less than 9,000 copies. Ninety-six thousand. Nine thousand.

We've got a real shot at overtaking Mrs. Clinton. We have two weeks to do it. Ridiculous? Only if you're rooting for her.

So, OK, let's say that O'Reilly's outselling Clinton in the category of people who go shopping for books at Costco. But, you might ask, how's Billy doing with other readers? Is he really competing with Hillary for best-selling book of the year? Well, that's what O'Reilly said on the Today Show.

LAUER: Number one on the best seller list. You have bumped past Al Franken's book. Is there a little ecstasy in that for you?

Mr. O'REILLY: We've outsold that guy all over the place. We're running against Hillary for most copies of non-fiction books sold this year. That's who we want to beat, and that's why I'm here talking with you. It's a delightful experience on the TODAY show as always.

As No More Mister Nice Blog pointed out, Publisher's Lunch wasn't buying his b.s..

Without resorting to name-calling, those are claims that stand in sharp contrast to, say, a glance at recent Nielsen Bookscan lists. Unless "outsold that guy all over the place" actually means "have sold about half as many units." By those same charts, Clinton has outsold O'Reilly by a little less than three to one.

So then Drudge gets into the act, actually publishing lst week's list on his web site.

1. South Beach Diet, Agatston: 2,304,608 [units scanned]

2. Purpose Driven Life, Warren: 1,507,902

3. Living History, Clinton: 1,084,520

4. Ultimate Weight Solution: McGraw: 836,043

5. Lies and The Lying Liars Who Tell Them, Franken: 674,024

6. Who's Looking Out for You?, O'Reilly: 430,407

And now O'Reilly, according to Drudge, is going apeshit!


TalkerAuthor Bill O'Reilly lashed out against this space during his popular FOXNEWS O'REILLY FACTOR Wednesday night -- just hours after closely guarded book sales figures were splashed over the internet.

Sales figures show how, contrary to his claims, O'Reilly lags far behind rivals Al Franken and Sen. Hillary Clinton for nonfiction props!


Responding to an exclusive yearender DRUDGE dispatch, which presented NIELSEN's Top 20 BOOKSCAN list of 2003 sales, O'Reilly called the DRUDGE REPORT a "threat to democracy."

"I mean you can't believe a word Matt Drudge says," O'Reilly told the cameras. "Now you've got the Matt Drudges of the world and these other people, Michael Moore and all of these crazies, all right, no responsibility... that is a threat to democracy, I think." O'Reilly warned: "They'll just spin it and twist it and take it out of proportion every which way."


"There is no other cure than to kill Matt Drudge," O'Reilly charged on the IMUS in the MORNING radio show.

"I just want to tell everybody that Matt Drudge is smoking crack - right now, in South Miami Beach on Washington Avenue... And the authorities should know it."

Wow. Someone calls you out for being an obvious, blatant, lying sack of crap and what do you do? You call for his death! Funny, O'Reilly said he had a problem with that kind of talk.

I see things on the Internet about me. They have Internet sites that say "kill Bill O'Reilly." Kill him. All right? And then they say, "Oh, it's a parody, you know. It's satire." But you can say and do whatever you want.

Apparently, shame really is dead. As Atrios says, pass the popcorn.


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