Sunday, December 14, 2003

From the Horse's Mouth

(Reuters) - Saddam Hussein denied during the initial interrogation after his capture that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, Time magazine reported on Sunday.
Citing a U.S. intelligence official in Iraq, the report said that when asked if his government had such weapons Saddam replied: "No, of course not. The U.S. dreamed them up itself to have a reason to go to war with us."

The news magazine reported that the official, who read a transcript of the interrogation of the former Iraqi president, said the interrogator asked: "If you had no weapons of mass destruction, then why not let the U.N. inspectors into your facilities?"

Saddam's reply: "We didn't want them to go into the presidential areas and intrude on our privacy."
That's the trouble with capturing him alive, eh boys?


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