Monday, December 08, 2003

Gore to Endorse Dean, Breaking From the Party, the Clintons and His Own VP Choice

Gore, who won the popular vote in 2000 but lost the White House to President Bush after a bitter 36-day recount battle in Florida, will appear with the former Vermont governor at a morning event in Harlem in New York City, the sources said.

The endorsement is a particularly harsh blow for Connecticut Sen. Joseph Lieberman (news, bio, voting record), Gore's vice presidential running mate during the 2000 contest, who had promised he would not run if Gore did.

A Lieberman spokesman said the senator had not heard from Gore by Monday evening, when word of the endorsement was out.
It is not clear what this endorsement will do for Mr. Dean's campaign or the effect it will have on the other democratic contenders but it will likely be recorded as another, of the many, bad decisions made by Mr. Gore. Perhaps former Vice-President Gore thought, for once, he would not be upstaged by former President Clinton. It's true, both Clintons have refrained from endorsing any of the Democratic candidates and will likely not alter their stance to endorse another candidate now. However, it would not be surprising for either or both to be critical of Mr. Gore's decision to do so. Mr. Gore erred when he 'ran' from Bill Clinton during the 2000 campaign and many believed he erred in his selection of Mr. Lieberman as a running mate. However, Mr. Lieberman was his choice, and Mr. Dean, who had expressed interest in the position, didn't even make Gore's short list. To endorse Dean, is more than a mere slap in the face to Mr. Lieberman but ultimately it will not affect his campaign. To take this action before a single primary vote has been cast is an affront to the Democratic Party and the democratic process. In 1988, Gore was one of eight candidates (including: Senators Biden, Hart and Simon, Representative Gephardt, Governors Dukakis and Babbitt, and Rev. Jesse Jackson) vying for the Democratic nomination. Why do I think he would have been the first to cry foul had a major Democrat endorsed Gary Hart who was the clear front runner in the early stages of that primary? [rhetorical ;-)]This is a class crass act.


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