Thursday, December 11, 2003

Halliburton May Have Overcharged in Iraq

There goes that liberal media again, only reporting the negative news. May? A little strong don't you think? Isn't this old news. Maybe they're going for the Administration's strategy...if first the suckers don't fall for it, just keep repeating it. Hey, it seems to work for them.

A Pentagon audit of Halliburton, the oil services firm once run by Vice President Dick Cheney, has found evidence the company may have overcharged for fuel it brought into Iraq from Kuwait, military sources said on Thursday.

Oh, a Pentagon audit, now the 'may' is becoming clear. Is this like a warning shot over the bow - get your stories together?
The sources told Reuters that Halliburton unit Kellogg Brown and Root, which got a no-bid U.S. government contract to rebuild Iraq's oil industry in March, had been notified of the evidence by the Pentagon's Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA).

So far the company has clocked up $2 billion in business from the March contract.

Halliburton spokeswoman Wendy Hall denied the allegations and said she was confident the company would be able to stand up to any audit of its work in Iraq.

"KBR has acted in full accordance with its fiduciary and contractual responsibilities under the contract," she said.
[translation]What can I say, we got a great deal.


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