Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Nothing has ...

particularly caught either my interest or my ire this day. I know, a judge has said that John Hinckley will be allowed unsupervised visits with mommy and daddy and I'm quite certain that Mr. Rove wishes that the unelectable one hadn't been allowed an unsupervised visit with Ms. Sawyer but, on the whole, an uninteresting day.

I would suggest, however, that you click on over to because the voting has begun for the 'Bush in 30 Seconds' political ads.

There are some very creative ads, and if you register, you can view and rate them. They are rated from 1-5 (5 best) in the following four categories:

1) Overall Impact: educational, informational, persuasive

2) Originality: concept, ideas, format

3) Memorable Content and Delivery

4) Clear Message

At first I thought how can one be persuasive if your message isn't clear. Silly me, obfuscation is obviously quite persuasive if you follow the polls.

Anyway, I digress. However, I do think there are two things that could have been done to improve this rating process. The first being the addition of a fifth rating category - redeemable. Since many, if not most, entrants are amateurs, the impact and clarity categories may have been negatively affected by their inexperience and/or lack of flashy tech tools. However, with minor editing/formatting changes these highly creative ads could be transformed into more powerful ones.

Secondly, I think the submissions should have been divided into two classes, single-issue/limited audience versus multiple-issue ads. There you have it; go see what you think.


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