Sunday, December 14, 2003

OsamaSaddam Captured with his WMDs

(Reuters) U.S. troops captured Saddam Hussein hiding in a hole near his hometown of Tikrit in a major coup for Washington's beleaguered occupation force in Iraq.
Grubby, bearded and "very disorientated," the 66-year-old fallen dictator was dug out by troops from a cramped hiding pit during a raid on a farm at Ad-Dawr late Saturday, U.S. Major-General Ray Odierno told a news conference in Tikrit.

"He was just caught like a rat," Odierno said Sunday in one of Saddam's grandiose palaces nearby on the Tigris river. Saddam once seemed almost to believe his own claims of invincibility and urged his troops to go down fighting the invaders. But though he had a pistol, not a shot was fired.
To no one's surprise, the media failed to point out that the end (capturing Hussein) does not justify the means (deceiving the American people and executing an unprovoked attack on a sovereign nation). However, in a statement this morning, Howard Dean, looking particularly defeated, also failed to avail himself of an opportunity to state that while Saddam's capture is certainly a good thing is does not detract from his message.[ABC TV News; no link to statement available at this time]

The death of another American soldier brings the total to 452. In the pResident's address this morning he still spoke of "the direct threat to Americans", still intimating a 9/11 connection. Has anything really changed?


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