Thursday, December 18, 2003

There are Vouchers, and Then There are Vouchers

Quididity over at uggabugga has the perfect solution for opponents of the morning-after pill ...

If sexual behavior bothers the conservatives, then regulate sexual behavior, not the ancillary components related to sex. On the highways, we regulate speeding. We don't require that the car's engine sieze up at 90 MPH. Conservatives should instead:
  • Consider a voucher program for sex. You get 10 vouchers each year (unless married) and turn one in each time you have sex. Penalty for a no-voucher encounter: $100.

  • Or simply outlaw sex before marriage.

  • Institute a Hotline so that people can report unlawful sexual activity.
  • That sort of thing. If conservatives really believe that letting people choose for themselves leads to "irresponsible sexual behavior", then by all means propose limiting that behavior, and shun the inefficient method of banning a morning-after pill.

    Given conservatives' penchant for vouchers, it seems an appropriate solution don't you think?


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