Tuesday, December 30, 2003

There's Heinous and then ...

The 37-year-old Effie Goodson had tried to convince family and friends that she was going to have a baby. The best way to do that? Shoot a pregnant woman and slice the unborn child from her womb.
Goodson was detained by police on Dec. 23 after she brought a dead, six-month-old fetus to a hospital in Holdenville, in southeast Oklahoma, and claimed she was the mother.

Hospital authorities determined that Goodson did not give birth and called law enforcement officials, who then took her into custody, Hughes County Sheriff Houston Yeager said.

"She had a fetus with her claiming it belonged to her," said Yeager.
Goodson is suspected of killing Simpson with a gunshot in the head and then using a knife to remove the six-month-old fetus in Simpson's womb, police said.

Simpson's body was found last Friday by a hunter in a remote field about 100 miles southeast of Oklahoma City.


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