Sunday, December 28, 2003

While we were out eating, drinking, being merry, tricksy or otherwise disengaged ...

On December 22, results of tests on a cow which was slaughtered on the 9th of December, revealed the first case of Mad Cow disease in the U.S. The Agriculture Department continues to track the cow's origin and the distribution of the meat from the slaughtered animal. U.S. officials announced that they believe the cow originated in Alberta, Canada while Canadian officials suggest that disclosure was premature.

Christmas flights between Paris and L.A. were canceled due to possible terrorist attacks though there appears to be a difference of opinion as to the evidence or likelihood of planned attacks as the French Find No Terror Tie to Six Flights

I'm just wondering, on a scale from 0-5 (with zero being the evidence of WMDs in Iraq and 5 being the evidence that George W. Bush is a miserable failure), how strong the evidence was in this instance?

Tom over at
Opinions You Should Have 'reports' that the U.S is upset that the French released airline passengers without probable cause - it's a great post, go enjoy it.

We (anyone who thinks The Administration's gutting of environmental protections has gone too far) did get a Christmas present, from the District Court in DC this time, as they suspend some of Bush's Clean Air Act changes.

Slip Sliding Away and Taking Lives in the Process are:





I have to believe that when international response (from friend an foe alike) is overwhelming in crises such as the earthquake in Iran, that nonviolent intervention could have worked in Iraq as well.

In other news ...

Prosecutors have been assigned to the
Plame Investigation

There's been a significant increase in suicide among U.S. troops

Violence continues as the
pace of US casualties increases in Iraq and

suicide bomber is successful in Afghanistan.

This, even though we all know, "The world is a safer place under my rule leadership", as the unelectable one states.

I guess the Brits aren't buying it either as they plan to
place sky marshals on some planes.

You're also not alone if you think Bush is the author of
a dark chapter for America.

Cheney, the dick, whines about the press coverage of The Administration and accuses them of failing to check the facts. Helen Thomas (I've always rather liked Helen) writes that Cheney should check his own 'facts'.

SARS rears its ugly head again in China where a Suspected SARS Patient is Quarantined.

If you're like me, you have difficulty comprehending the idea of being a suicide bomber, but I guess it's somewhat rational if you believe that, as such a martyr, you'll go to a better place. On the other hand, this Sicilian is just plain nuts! No pun intended.

Great Britain struggles with the death penalty; it may be going to the


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