Saturday, January 24, 2004

Beyond Iowa

I was going to post about the campaign and my impressions of where Clark and the others are at this point. But the fact is, I have to be on a plane in a few hours and sleep is more important at this juncture. I always promise myself that I won't be staying up all night doing laundry and packing the night before a trip but here I am once again.

However, since New Hampshire will be a done deal by the time I get back from my trip (and to blogging -1/31), I'll post on one interaction this week that demonstrates it's time for the Clark campaign to get out the bugle and sound reveille.

Minor missteps as of late include Clark's inability to me more assertive in correcting the misrepresentation on his position in Iraq -to put the issue to bed.

In a brief interview with Tom Brokaw the other night (which caused me great disappointment in Mr. Brokaw), the correspondent asked Wes Clark about his change in position on the Iraqi invasion when in the Fall, he had praised Bush and his team. Clark responded "Watch it, watch it ?" Those familiar with this repetitive attack knew that the general was once again intimating that they were misrepresenting his position and that the praise had been for the invasion of Afghanistan, not Iraq. For those who weren't familiar it wasn't clarified well at all.

This is too late in the campaign for this to be such easy media fodder. He might have responded, "I don't know Tom, does your wife know about the woman in Zonkers - oh, that's not true?" Okay, maybe not. However, he could have said, "I'll tell you what Tom, you read the transcript of my testimony in the senate hearing on U.S. policy in Iraq in September of 2002 and tell me exactly where my stated position differs from what it is today and then we'll talk. Until then, I'd greatly appreciate it if you wouldn't misrepresent my position."

I sincerely hope the general gets back to being himself and demonstrating his breadth of experience, yes in the context of the military, but not just the 'military man'; there's so much more there.

I promise a longer, more insightful post upon my return.

I'll also post on why John Kerry's campaign won't shouldn't fly. Here's a man that has spent twenty years in the senate, more in politics, demonstrating little or no initiative for party leadership and he now wants to be put in the Whitehouse. Can anyone name any truly significant piece of legislation he has authored? He's says we need someone who can stand up to Bush, and says Ashcroft needs to go. Yet, he voted for the Patriot Act and the Iraqi Invasion. I know, it wasn't his fault. The Patriot Act is a damn fine one, it just isn't being executed properly. Iraq, he was decieved - were you? Was he not around when Colin Powell basically said Saddam was impotent, that the sanctions and inspections had worked? He touts his foreign policy expertise, yet he was so easily deceived? A few things to think about; work up a lather. See you on the 31st.


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