Thursday, January 15, 2004

I was going to post on the continuing misrepresentation of General Clark's comments on Iraq but I found that a new blog Campaign Desk, an offering of the Columbia Journalism school, had already done so. This blog is designed to provide a Critique and Analysis of 2004 Campaign Coverage. If their first outing (in which they take on Drudge, Slate, Salon, AP reporters and ABC News) is any indication, this is a site to be bookmarked and/or blogrolled -check it out.
A few assurances are in order: The Desk will be politically nonpartisan. While it will call attention to journalistic sins, both of omission and commission, it will by no means be exclusively a finger-wagging operation. It will have a lively, engaged tone, not a grim, censorious one. One of the Desk's important functions will be to praise work of high quality, and one of its most useful aspects will be its ability to bring distinguished work in the local press to national attention, instantly and (through links) in full.


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