Tuesday, January 27, 2004

A Note to Wes

General Clark, I mentioned this about eight months ago, but I think it's time to bring up this idea again. The next time someone gets mad that you didn't wash your hands of Michael Moore for saying that President Bush was a "deserter," I suggest you say something like the following:

Well, you know [Wolf, Cokie, Judy, etc.], the President has made this issue worse by refusing to release a full copy of his military personnel file. In order to clear this up, I've decided that I'll ask the Army's record depository to release a full copy of my records directly to the media and would ask that the President do the same. That seems the fairest way to clear up this mess.

First, this would put Bush on the defensive on this issue. Second, you, General, would get press coverage like you wouldn't believe.

Now's the time to take the offensive.


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