Friday, February 06, 2004


The new attack on Kerry goes like this:

"John Kerry the other day said that he wasn't going to judge people who dodged the draft or went to Canada or served in the National Guard, as if dodging the draft was equivalent to the National Guard," (Terry Holt, press secretary for the Bush-Cheney campaign) said. "That's not fair. It's impugning the character of the commander-in-chief and impugning the character of people who serve in the National Guard."

First, all Kerry's saying is that he doesn't judge people who made a different choice than he did. Period.

As for serving in the National Guard, I don't think anyone looks down on the National Guard and those who honorably served there. As someone who is about to deploy to Afghanistan with a Guard unit, I, personally, am offended by someone who used the Guard as an escape and didn't even understand that he had made a commitment to something greater than himself.

For example, what if someone had joined the Catholic priesthood in order to get a clerical draft deferment, but then kept acting as if he had made no commitment. If I say I'm disgusted by that person's actions, it doesn't mean that I have a problem with the priesthood, but with those who would disgrace an honorable calling with their dishonorable intentions.


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