Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Defining InDecency

What's is decent, indecent?
It amazes me that, according to the FCC, a couple of seconds of the partially naked human body can do more harm to our children, families and values than images of a city being bombed on prime-time television.

I guess our progressive desensitization to war and torture comes at the expense of things that are natural, beautiful and positive.

Why is it considered reasonable to broadcast one of our missiles hitting a target that likely has people inside? Is it considered broadcasting history, or is it to rile up people under the guise of patriotism?

Why not launch a full review of decisions to broadcast bombings and killings as opposed to spending probable millions to investigate the momentary exposure of a breast? Better yet, how about a nonpartisan investigation of why we went to war?[Nitpicker emphasis]

It's seems the FCC has a little difficulty defining what's indecent. Let me help. This is indecent.


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