Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Democratic Presidential Primary Results February 3, 2004
Sheep (AZ, NM, MO, ND, DE): 5

Home Team (SC): 1

Discerning Voter (OK): 1
In related news...
Pew Research Center Survey of Registered Voter Party Affiliation:

Party ID20042006

Wesley Clark finished 1st in one state and 2nd in three states despite getting less publicity than even Joe Lieberman (considerably less if you discount the negative publicity for his failure to defend the AWOL George), receiving little to no credit for his performance in New Hampshire and having essentially been written off by every major news source and pundit. He did so because he resonated with voters. I previously posted that exposure to voters was all this candidate needed and if there was adequate time for him to reach a significant proportion of voters, he would be the candidate. However, we all know time is not the limiting factor and this election has little to do with resonance among voters.


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