Saturday, February 21, 2004

John Kerry's The Man

Okay, not really. However, our caucus is this Tuesday and he did bring Carole King in for a free concert that I went to this evening. Hey, that's fair given the eventuality that in the general election I may have to close my eyes, plug my nose, grit my teeth and remove the chad by his name. Anyway, the concert was in a club, the Blues Bouquet, it was standing room only and many were turned away by the fire marshall. Ms. King decided to do 'split sets' and asked that those currently in the club leave after the first set to allow the others in for the second. So, the downside was I only got to listen to her for about one hour instead of two but she was fabulous. This woman is 62 years old now and hasn't changed much in the few years, okay decades, since I saw her last. She is the same crowd pleaser she was when we paid $8.50 for eighth row seats. We all remembered the words and she had everyone stomping their feet and clapping their hands so that we all could ...Feel the Earth Move under our feet. I'm listening to Tapestry in iTunes while I look around and see what's been happening in the news and around the blogs. I have to be up early and have many Democratic things going on this weekend in preparation for the caucus (I'm the legislative chair for my district). We had a central committee meeting last night with the largest turnout ever and we're expecting more of the same for the caucus. So, blogging will be light 'til after the caucus on Tuesday.


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