Friday, February 13, 2004

Remember the War on Terror? You know -Osama, al Qaeda, Afghanistan

At least two Afghans and a U.S. soldier were killed and 15 people wounded on Friday in separate incidents in Afghanistan, police and the U.S. military said.

The U.S. central command said a U.S. soldier was killed and nine others wounded by a mine near Ghazni. The incident was under investigation and no further details were available.

In Khost, at least two Afghans were killed and six wounded in an explosion at a government military post near the former Taliban stronghold in southeastern Afghanistan, police said.
The attacks in Khost are the latest in a wave of incidents which more than 550 people have been killed in the last six months, mostly in southern and eastern Afghanistan where the Taliban militia remnants are most active.

The incidents came two days after Khost's deputy intelligence chief was shot dead by a suspected Taliban militant who then blew himself up to avoid being arrested.

Khost used to be part of the heartland of the Taliban, overthrown by U.S.-led troops for harboring Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda network.

U.S. soldiers in Khost, part of the 10,600-strong American-led force hunting al Qaeda and remnants of the Taliban, regularly come under rocket attacks and ambushes, most of which are ineffective.

Approximately 15X as many troops are in Iraq though at least they've given up looking for nonexistent WMDs - does this say our priority was is the war on terror?


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