Sunday, February 08, 2004

What Has Hans Been Smoking?

Blix Says Bush, Blair Insincere Salesmen on Iraq:
"From politicians, our leaders in the Western world, I think we expect more than that, a bit more sincerity," Blix said.[Nitpicker Emphasis]

On the other hand...
Hans Blix -- who pleaded for more time to search Iraq for nuclear, chemical and biological weapons before a U.S.-led invasion in March -- said the West had a right to expect more from their leaders.

'The intention was to dramatize it (the intelligence) just as the vendors of some merchandise are trying to exaggerate the importance of what they have,' Blix told BBC television.

London and Washington went to war despite failing to secure a U.N. resolution authorizing military action and ignoring pleas from other Security Council members to give Blix's team in Iraq more time to search for weapons of mass destruction.

'We said that we had seen no evidence of any...weapons,' Blix said. 'We had, I think, issued the correct warnings. Nevertheless, they didn't take them seriously.'

Can't wait for the book.


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