Monday, March 01, 2004

Back Away From That Loon
Bison, boars and moose, oh my. Some wild choices await Minnesotans who attend the Independence Party's caucuses Tuesday night. Aside from expressing their presidential preferences and discussing party planks, caucus-goers will vote on a party mascot.
You can take the girl out of Minnesota but ...Hey 'guys', you can have any of the other choices but leave our precious loon alone. There's nothing more peaceful than being in the 'Boundary Waters' -you on the paddle with the accompaniment of the loons. Granted, with three kids, these moments weren't as abundant as we may have liked. Although you'd be surprised at how often, even at very young ages, that they would also 'appreciate' in silence. Besides, after three of them, you become quite adept at tuning them out.


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