Monday, March 08, 2004

Bird Flu: Collateral Damage
A poultry farm boss and his wife suspected of covering up a recent outbreak of bird flu in Japan were found hanged yesterday morning. An employee found Hajimu Asada, 67, chairman of the poultry company Nosan Asada, and his wife, Chisako, 64, hanging from a tree near the farm in Himeji, in western Japan.

The police later found a suicide note. 'We have caused a great deal of trouble,' it said. Mr Asada's firm had been criticised for waiting a week before reporting the deaths of thousands of chickens at the end of last month. The outbreak was uncovered only after local agricultural officials received an anonymous tip-off. Mr Asada, who had faced possible criminal charges, denied attempting to conceal the deaths. But he admitted that the farm had stepped up shipments of live poultry after chickens started dying in huge numbers.
Shame, honor ...tragedy.


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