Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Blowin' Smoke
President Bush's reelection campaign will begin running ads in key battleground states around the country tomorrow that focus on the president's leadership on the economy and on the war on terrorism, and feature firefighters and footage from the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.
This is certainly not unexpected, but I wonder if it will still fly. I suspect it might backfire.

If this is any indication, firefighters aren't buying it.[Via Atrios].

On a related note, I remember my disgust at the time when the shit-eating-grin unelectable one was remarking about the fact that his administration now, had a focus. This was either on 9/11 or the next day. I remember him distinctly not looking like the leader of a country that had just been attacked. He appeared gleeful, as though his first thought was that this event might mean an actual election for him the next time around. I have since (although very belatedly), unsuccessfully, tried to locate this news footage (lord knows the remarks on the WhiteHouse site would have been altered if necessary). If anyone would find the unaltered video, it would make an excellent anti-Bush commercial for


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