Monday, March 15, 2004

Catchin' up

This was stupid; this is why.

Do I think Kerry is fabricating the foreign support? Of course not and neither does the Administration. But we all know those foreign leaders are not at liberty to come out with a public declaration of support. Look at how Germany, France and Canada were penalized for not supporting the warmonger's Iraqi invasion -imagine the repercussions if they publicly stated they'd love to see him ousted. Should the disintegration of relations with our allies be an issue for the presidential campaign? It is a valid issue and one on which the unelectable is most certainly vulnerable. However, there are other viable mechanisms for making this argument such as recent surveys that demonstrate Bush is less than favorably viewed in other countries. Intead Kerry has a claim out there for which he cannot offer support -stupid.

One down. Who's Next? Him, or him, or him?

Ethical dilemma?

The quality of U.S. Intelligence.

Show Us the Money Evidence, eh?
Canadian officials say they challenged the U.S. to share secret intelligence showing that the Baghdad regime had dangerous weapons of mass destruction in the run-up to the Iraq war, but Washington failed to deliver, thus cementing the Chrétien government's resolve to stay out of the conflict.

Washington's refusal to share raw intelligence with its close ally seemed puzzling at the time, one senior official said. But a year later, the reason now seems clear: 'They didn't have any evidence.'[Nitpicker emphasis]
This, from CBS - wow.

Same Song, Different Verse
Weapons experts outside the Pentagon have argued that there is no imminent threat that would justify the program's huge expenditures, up $1.2 billion from the previous year, and the deployment of a system whose capabilities are unknown. Some critics say they see only one thing on the horizon that could be driving such a breakneck schedule: a presidential election season.[Nitpicker emphasis]
All of the 'investigation' reports aren't due 'til after the election but deployment of a nonfunctional weapons system - that's time-critical.

Rumsfeld and FBI Officials Raid Crime Scene for 'souvenirs'.

French General says, We were that close.


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