Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Considerate Would-be Assassins
Cape Town - A man is dead and two others are being interrogated after a foiled attack on former president Nelson Mandela's Cape Town home.
Senior superintendent Selby Bokaba said three attackers approached the house in Forestry Road about 17:00.

"A black man, an Indian and a coloured man walked toward the gate. They asked to speak to Archbishop Desmond Tutu."

Bokaba said the guard explained that Tutu didn't live there, but that it was Mandela's house.

The men insisted on talking to Mandela.

They claimed they had information about people who planned to disrupt next month's elections, which they wanted to pass on to him. The guard said he would call his commander.

Two of the men walked back to their vehicle. The third followed them to the car, but then turned around and walked back to the guard's hut.

Shot dead

"He took out an R-4 assault rifle, cocked it and pointed it at the guard. Before he could pull the trigger, police opened fire and shot him dead," said Bokaba.

Meanwhile, the other two suspects tried to flee in a red Uno with the registration number CA 270 579.

Private security guards who work in the area said just then another team of the national protection unit had turned into the street where Mandela lived. They stopped the Uno and arrested the two men.
Via Truthout

Hey, at least they attempted to make sure they had the right place.


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