Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Extra! Extra!
NEW YORK (AFP) - A US business group that monitors federal spending took out a full-page advert in The New York Times, likening President George W. Bush to a corrupt chief executive officer who has forfeited public trust.

Timed to coincide with the weekend anniversary of the US-led war against Iraq, the advertisement -- paid for by Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities -- said Bush's case for invasion 'was built entirely out of falsehoods.'

Highlighting the cost of the war in terms of hundreds of US casualties and tens of billions of dollars, the ad said the 'state-sponsored deception' underpinning the conflict dwarfed the damage caused by the series of corporate scandals that recently rocked Wall Street.

'It's past time for finger pointing,' it said.

'It's time for someone in this government to step forward and take personal responsibility for the deadly deceptions used to mislead this great nation into war.

'And that someone must be George W. Bush.'[Nitpicker emphasis]
These guys are or were CEOs, so they speak with some authority.


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