Monday, March 08, 2004

Fiscally and Morally Irresponsible
The controversy over pResident George W. Bush's new TV ads featuring firefighters and fleeting images of the 9/11 attacks threw campaign officials on the defensive—and raised questions about the Bush team's ability to effectively spend its massive $150 million war chest, some GOP insiders say.
Another, less publicized aspect of the ad flap: Everyone but the firefighters were paid actors. The firefighters posing in a firehouse was 'stock' film footage of volunteer firefighters -- shot and available for purchase to the general public.][Nitpicker emphasis]
Yeah, we wouldn't want them spending the campaign war chest irresponsibly like they have the taxpayer's dollars. We're not real firemen and we don't even play them on TV, we're just props in a pResidential campaign.


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