Thursday, March 11, 2004

In Support of HIV-AIDS Erradication
State Dept. Information Programs - President Bush's Visit to Africa July 2003 - Transcript: Bush Outlines Areas for Continuing U.S. Support of Africa - Africa Washington File

On HIV/AIDS, which was a major focus of interest throughout the president's trip, Bush said 'The people of Africa are fighting HIV/AIDS with courage. And I'm here to say, you will not be alone in your fight.' He called on the U.S. Congress to complete funding for the first year of operation of his five-year, $15,000 million program to support the global fight against the disease.


Geneva - The global Aids fund could soon face a cash crisis, due in part to the likes of Britain, Germany and Canada failing to contribute their fair share to the United Nations-sponsored programme, its chief says.

The looming funding gap has been compounded by the Bush administration recently proposing to slash the United States contribution for 2005 to $200-million (about R1,3-billion), from the current $550-million (about R3,6-million).
Yet another broken promise.


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