Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Irreverent George Weighs In On Indecency
'What I always remind people is, radio and television and ? as it happens ? newspapers and magazines too, are advertising media. ... When you have commercialism involved you have the kind of fear that advertisers are very afraid of offending some potential customer. They don't want to lose a sale. So they have this need to inspect and clean up and watch the content in order not to hurt their own sales. It's based on success at the cash register.

"And yet, they're very inconsistent_ on that Super Bowl broadcast of Janet Jackson's there was also a commercial about a 4-hour erection. A lot of people were saying about Janet Jackson, 'How do I explain to my kids? We're a little family, we watched it together ...' And, well, what did you say about the other thing? These are convenient targets."

He also thinks President Bush is trying to placate right-wing voters.
It was almost as many years ago that a high school friend gave me two tickets (front row seats) to see George Carlin in concert. It wasn't until we arrrived at the theatre that we discovered Kenny Rankin was going to be the 'warm-up'. We loved that 'string man' and he gave such a wonderful performance we didn't care if George ever came on stage. But then George came on and I have to say, in all these years, my jaw has never been in so much exquisite pain - I have never laughed that hard. Today, I still remember many of his routines. He pondered the more important questions of life, such as why is it that mothers are so dramatic? Kids were never merely going to get hurt, say break a leg, but rather "get down from there or you'll break your neck", "You could put someone's eye out with that stick". I still recall the period of time when everything had been declared a potential carcinogen and Red Dye No. 3 had been taken off the market. George, as a spokesman for the FDA, announced a new study showed that "saliva, when swallowed in small quantities, over a long time period, can cause cancer." Funny man.


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